Wifi calling in India | Everything you need to know!

Its 2020 and one big good news is that Wifi calling has been launch in India and We are waited for this for long.

India is a developing country and for development, we need a smarter and better communication network but since now we all are suffering from poor call quality, call drops, Connection errors and lot more but not now because wifi calling has been launched

In this blog, you are going to know about how this wifi calling work and which mobile device supports it

So first all this wifi calling service has been launch by airtel first time in Delhi India, yes you read it right Delhi India

Airtel is testing Wifi calling service in Delhi right now and as per calculation airtel will launch wifi calling in every sector and city in India

How wifi calling will work?

Let's make it simple as we can, wifi calling mean when you are calling any particular mobile number and your mobile signal is very week but you have a strong wifi internet connection over there.

So, in that case, your mobile device will convert your call to wifi signal and you will experience high-quality audio with a weak signal, Interesting Right?

But wait for the rule here is now, Airtel wifi calling is only compatible with only the Wi-Fi powered by Airtel Xstream Fiber and on select smartphones.

Airtel says that Users don't have to pay any charges for using this service and There is no need for any separate calling app or SIM to use this feature.

Here is the list of Mobile Which is supported to Wifi calling

So let's see what Airtel is planning in this flied

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