Why Social media Marketing plays a Important role in B2C business?

Social media Industry is the upcoming giant industry in the world and not only B2C business but nowadays B2B business are also taking part in social media platforms

so in this blog, we are going to talk about why social media plays an important role in the B2C business

First of all, let's understand what is B2C Business, So basically B2C business means a particular Business who is selling a product or giving service to direct Customer

For example, A Chocolate manufacturing company, Resturant franchise, etc, etc

So in this type of companies need the attention of the consumer and in this fast-growing world everyone's attention is on Social media

Someone said it brilliantly
The costliest thing in this world is Consumer attention

So basically Everyone's attention is on Social media, Everyone is on social media they are spending time on social media they are loving social media, Let's take advantage of it and increase sales of B2C business

Every business needs sales, without sales none of the business can run and for sales, the company has to launch its product or service and advertise it, without marketing and advertising how the product will sell. Social media marketing is the cheapest marketing for every sector and most profitable marketing also, Social media marketing is a very targeted and advanced level of marketing, Let's imagine A men saloon owner wants to run his marketing campaign. He decides to rent a billboard in his area and he buys 10 bill broads for showing his advertisement. After the end of the campaign, he hasn't got any report of who saw his advertisement. He can't target his advertisement only to men. He also can't manage to increase his sales but what if he plans to run a marketing campaign on social media. He will get a detailed report of how much people viewed his advertisement. How many people shared his advertisement, How much people get connected with his advertisement. He can also be able to target his advertisement only to men around his area because of whats the use of showing men barber saloon advertisement to a lady

5 Reason Why social media marketing is profitable

1) You can target your Right customer

2) You can fix your Budget

3) Social media marketing gives you a detailed report of the advertisement

4) Social media marketing is the cheapest marketing method

5) Social media marketing generates more leads compared to any other marketing

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