5 steps to solve Shadow banned problem from Instagram

Instagram can decrease your engagement percentage or I just have to say that Instagram is decreasing your engagement percentage. Maybe your Instagram post is not reaching your followers, Your post is not ranking on any hashtag so in this blog I will tell you why is this happening and how you can solve this!

Here come's the first question that

" My followers are real then why I don't get their engagement? "

The main reason behind this is the Instagram Shadowban.

Instagram Shadowban is a punishment to your account which is given by Instagram itself.

An Instagram algorithm can punish you Shadowban if you follow too many people on Instagram at the same time or if you unfollow too many people at the same time and also if you like too many posts on Instagram at the same time. In short, If you do any activity for a longer period of time without any break then Instagram algorithm things that this activity is done by boots or software and as a result your account gets


What are the symptoms of Shadowbanned

1) Post reach goes down day by day

2) Story views decrease

Let's talk about how to solve it, Before we start I would like to tell you that this method will definitely work but not in 1 day, it would require up to 1 month for removing the Shadowban from your account.

  1. The main thing you should do is make your account public if it is possible, otherwise, it's ok to be Private Safety First

  2. Don't post multiple pictures in a day; a maximum of two pictures are perfect to post in a day.

  3. Don't use too many hashtags on your post; use only 3 to 5 hashtag per post and don't repeat those hashtag for your next post

  4. Now let's come to the most important part, that is post lots of stories ( lots of means don't ever think for more than 12 stories. ) Post only 12 stories per day. It will help you to grab attention from your audience

  5. Don't do any scam on your Instagram account; this is very very important for keeping your account free from shadowban

By these five ways,

I guarantee your account will be free from shadowban but as I said before; not in a day it will take time

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